Rosieland Roundup 140 β€” How to start a community

Rosieland Roundup 140 β€”  How to start a community

β˜€οΈ It's proper sunny and hot in Rosieland!

How was your day today? I've had two trips to A&E for two different kids today, is this peak parenting? 😱

How to start a community

πŸ₯³ Last week someone reached out to me and said they were going to focus on the doing and the taking action to get their community going.

I realised today and after chatting with some of my indiependent friends, that it is the doing of the work that keeps me motivated. I am not happy consuming. I am happy creating (community) out of nothing.

Not doing and procrastinating the starting is a common problem. We feel like we are never ready. That there is always more to learn. And the best way to do things is just around the corner.

Let me tell youβ€”no amount of planning has ever really led me to a great community. It is the doing of the work that will lead you to the results and answers.

Here's a tweet to inspire you to take action. Read the comments and the Quote Tweets. Add in your world view too!

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How can we build better communities?

We are on a quest to learn and explore what makes great communities.


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