Rosieland Roundup 146 β€” I thought we could do better in 2022 😞

Rosieland Roundup 146 β€” I thought we could do better in 2022 😞

🌀 Things in Rosieland are looking good, full of sunshine and hope as we look to the future.

However, things are looking different at Launch House. And I feel so sick of tech bro culture and all the sexual harassment that women, in particular, have to put up with.

Two dozen tech founders living in a mansion. What could go wrong?
A Vox investigation into Launch House, a startup incubator that promised community, but failed to protect its members.

But this one hits harder for me. It's not just the tech bro-ness and sexual assault, it goes deeper. It's the stealing of what community actually is. It's creating a cult in the name of community. It's creating hype to lure people in. It's performative community building. It's disgusting.

We should be doing better in 2022.

Onwards to something more rosie...

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