Rosieland Roundup 153 - How will social media impact communities?

Rosieland Roundup 153 - How will social media impact communities?

๐ŸŒง Today I took my girls trick or treating and I got soaked!

๐Ÿ”ฎ We'll learn a lot about how social media impacts community over the next 12 months

There's literally no escaping all the talk, positive or negative, about Twitter. I'm trying hard to not get sucked into the current discussions and rumours.

As much as I love and have benefited from Twitter over the years, I do wish we would all invest our time and energy into niche communities with a longer term view. It's a big reason why I set up The Village, to have a space that in time will have all the questions and answers that community professionals need at their finger tips.

Social media has benefits, but the short-term, audience led and algorithm focus is pretty damaging and not always a good investment of our time.

What I am interested and curious about is seeing how the rise or fall of Twitter impacts communities everywhere. Social media is often a big part of community building, we can't deny that.

๐Ÿ’ฌ For the curious, I shared some resources and created a place to discuss.

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