Rosieland Roundup 154 - How do we practice Community Discovery?

Rosieland Roundup 154 - How do we practice Community Discovery?

☔️ I've had nothing but rain this week! How about you?

How do you practice Community Discovery?

This is worth a read, and tbh, we could really do with more real-world sharing of how we apply community discovery to our communities.

Cagri summarise his approach to Community Discovery, he dives into:

  • How do I practice Community Discovery?
  • Align on the purposes
  • Our People
  • Mission of the community
  • Understanding our people
  • What do I do to understand?
  • Ecosystem mapping and positioning
  • Ideation and drafts for MVC

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Burb - How educational creators operate memberships and courses on Slack, Circle, and Discord.
Jake McKee - Jake McKee is a long time community consultant and one of the founders of the modern community movement, having who has worked at companies such as Apple and LEGO. His mantra for community development is “Everybody goes home happy”, ensuring that both company and community get what they want in an open, honest collaboration. 
Hugh Lashbrooke - Drawing on my experience of building, hiring, and growing multi-functional and high-performing community teams, I will help you put together your dream team. This is a multi-step process, and no matter what stage you’re at, I can join for all or any part of it.

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