Rosieland Roundup 155 - How would you categorize your community tech stack?

Rosieland Roundup 155 - How would you categorize your community tech stack?

🌳 The sun came out and I spent a good chunk of the day hanging with my kids in the forest. Wheee!

πŸ‘€ How would you categorize your community tech stack?

I've been thinking a lot about the tools we need to build community and how we can think more strategically about our choices.

Tools and technology come and go, but perhaps categorizing the types of tools we use is an approach that has more longevity, or at least helps us spot gaps.

πŸ‘‰ How do you categorize the tools you use to build community?

🌈 On Rosieland

πŸ“ This week in community

🧣 Fostering Stronger Collaborations in Communities Through The Scarf Model - by Lana Jelenjev.

The SCARF model is a brain-based model created by David Rock that focuses on how people interact socially. The foundation for the SCARF model lies in our brain’s need to either minimize danger or maximize reward as we respond to our environment.

πŸ€” We are all naturally talented at community. But we are badly out of practice and we have lost so much wisdom by Fabian PfortmΓΌller

Are we out of practice? Or what I've been thinking recently, do we look back on community too fondly? I think it's a mix of both and likely many other things. The world has long had injustices, and our awareness and our needs have changed. Regardless, community is still the magic key!

πŸ—ž Tumblr’s only viable business model is shitposting from TechCrunch.

People talking about Tumblr and Twitter not getting their business model right...which has gotten me thinking that maybe Substack is the real one to be keeping an eye on, in terms of generating real money?

πŸ€— A Shortcut for Caring for Others (and Being Cared For Yourself) from Culture Study.

"..we also need to be better at asking and receiving care, because all of this community work depends on divorcing ourselves from an understanding of anyone, anyone, as uniquely givers or receivers.

But the reality is: a lot of us are very, very bad at giving or even asking for, let alone receiving, help."

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Discourse - The powerful, open platform for communities of all kinds. From companies to creators, thousands trust Discourse as the place to build flourishing, civilized communities.
Threado - the command center for community builders. Get insights, automate workflows, and activate more members across Slack, Discord, and other platforms.
Chauntelle Lewis β€” Inclusive Communities Manager breaking barriers in the tech and startup ecosystem for systematically marginalized groups. Let’s work together on fostering inclusion and belonging throughout all of your community touchpoints.
FabiΓ‘n AcuΓ±a β€” I'm a cultural designer for remote work. I help organizations to find and develop channels, messages, and formats to deliver solutions, serve whit knowledge and create bonding in their communities.

Since 2016 I run a remote work community and conference.

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