Rosieland Roundup 156 - Many community tools are just features

Rosieland Roundup 156 - Many community tools are just features

✨ Many community tools are just features that community tools should have

Community builders don't want to manage such a large amount of tools or data that is scattered about.

I predict these "community as a feature tools" will either get bought up or their ideas copied into bigger tools, wdyt?

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Burb - How educational creators operate memberships and courses on Slack, Circle, and Discord.
Invision Community - Build and grow your community with our scalable and customizable community platform.
Derrick Chiu β€”I have 10+ years of customer-facing experience in tech, to combine with my current pivot into community-building; I love being at this intersection! I’ve officially been in community for 10 months now, and I'm currently Thrive TRM’s first community hire.

I'd love to help communities grow and connect their members on new levels!
Amanda Dahler - I help group program founders expand their audiences with special events. I also provide fully managed launch support.

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How can we build better communities?

We are on a quest to learn and explore what makes great communities.


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