Rosieland Roundup 159 - How can we build 'open' communities?

Rosieland Roundup 159 - How can we build 'open' communities?

β›„ It's been snowing!

How can we build 'open' communities?

As we come to the closing of 2022 I've been thinking about what a year it has been! A big part of this is life and the world not going according to plan.

Another part, for me at least is to focus more and not get distracted by the hype. As part of this, 2023 for Rosieland will be exploring how to be 'open'.

This can mean many things to many people. How the web was open 20 years ago is not how it can be open today. For me, it means an opportunity to explore how to build communities and Rosieland in with transparency, ethics and trustworthy-ness at the heart of our efforts.

Here are a few notes I gathered on the topic. Can you help us refine our thinking around this?

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