Rosieland Roundup 175 - Botman, a bot that moderates AI-generated content

Rosieland Roundup 175 - Botman, a bot that moderates AI-generated content

🌧 The rain snuck up on us today. The sun was there too, but strangely, no rainbows!

πŸ€– Botman - ChatGPT that moderates ChatGPT content

It's bound to happen, right? A bot that helps with automating the moderation of AI generated content. πŸ¦‡

πŸ‘€ If you see something, say it

Every time I speak up, I get a quiet thank you.

I don’t speak up for me.

I do it to help others be seen and to show what I stand for.

Eric dives into this further and uses better words than I have.

Healthy vs Unhealthy Communities

I found this great list, I don't know who made it, but thanks to Bruce Adams.

🎯 The goal is not engagement and working towards clarity in the definition of success

This is via Richard Millington on LinkedIn.

A fascinating study suggests hosting in-person meetups for your members may lead to members engaging LESS on the hosted community.

Once people connect in person they’re more likely to facilitate private groups and have direct interactions with one another.

I’d bet this is more likely through platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and other group messaging tools.

Which presents a dilemma - your in-person meetups was successful and valued

πŸ“Ί Welcome to Wrexham streaming on Disney

This is a great series with community at the very heart of it. I'd highly recommend watching with your 'community hat' on.

πŸ“ This week in community

πŸ›Ž Rosieland Marketplace

Highlights of events, sponsors, and our community consultants list.

πŸ—“ Attend community events

Community Curriculum Workshop - Building a business case for community

πŸ™πŸ½ Sponsors:

Common Room - Get insights, take action, nurture and support your members, automate manual work,and measure the impact of your community wherever they are. Start for free.
Invision Community - Build and grow your community with our scalable and customizable community platform.

πŸ› Shop

Community Ops Template - A notion template created to help manage all your community operations. By Sara Saunders.
Rosieland Notion Community Garden - It's like a wikipedia, but only for community building.
Community Job Descriptions - This is a database of real community job descriptions that have been published by companies.

🀝 Hire community consultants

Amanda Dahler - I help group program founders expand their audiences with special events. I also provide fully managed launch support.
Lori Goldman β€” I work in community ideation, building, and scaling for customer, developer, and member communities. I am metrics-led, passionate about customer advocacy and engagement, and delivering high-value experiences, events, content and assets.

How can we build better communities?

We are on a quest to learn and explore what makes great communities.


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