Rosieland Roundup 176 - The Purpose to Practice Community Co-creation Framework

Rosieland Roundup 176 - The Purpose to Practice Community Co-creation Framework

🌈 Sunshine and rain can only mean one thing, rainbows!

The Discord Coach

It's great to see niche community building services pop up. And there's no reason this couldn't exist for any community tool.

Go have a peek at The Discord Coach.

The Purpose to Practice Community Co-creation Framework

Via Anamaria Dorgo

What makes a great place?

This applies to local communities, but it can be adapted for online communities too. Explore more.

πŸ“ This week in community

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Highlights of events, sponsors, and our community consultants list.

πŸ—“ Attend community events

Community Curriculum Workshop - Building a business case for community
All Things Moderation - is for all humans who moderate online - across contexts and cultures.

πŸ™πŸ½ Sponsors:

Participate - With Participate, you can create communities of practice, promote collaboration, boost productivity and certify achievements through digital credentials. And, we’re real peopleβ€” bringing a ton of expertise and passion to our craftβ€”and dedicated to your success.
Discourse - The powerful, open platform for communities of all kinds. From companies to creators, thousands trust Discourse as the place to build flourishing, civilized communities.

πŸ› Shop

Community Cards - A database of searchable community building ideas tactics
Community Ops Template - A notion template created to help manage all your community operations. By Sara Saunders.

🀝 Hire community consultants

Jane Hervey β€” I design identities, campaigns and experiences for growing brands that value culture and community. On a day-to-day basis, I'm collaborating with creative start-ups, arts and entertainment organizations, as well as nonprofits to get their big ideas off the groundβ€”and into the world.
Katarzyna Kowalewska - I help political organisations build successful online communities and increase citizens' engagement.

How can we build better communities?

We are on a quest to learn and explore what makes great communities.


Our Sponsors



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