Rosieland Roundup 179 - The privatization of community

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How companies sell you on the promise of “community”

Via Vox

This is a great read about the challenges and impact of (in real life) community increasingly being privatised. We can take some of these learnings to the digital world and remind ourselves that having things out in the open is important too.

When people ask how to get involved in their communities or make new friends, the typical response is something like this: Join a club! Take a class! Hang out at cafes or bars and strike up conversations! The problem with that advice isn’t that it doesn’t work, it’s that the idea of “community” in modern life is usually tied to something that costs money — a lot of it. In an age of declining religious affiliation, more people are turning to, say, pricey fitness classes as a means of fostering relationships, leading to what one researcher refers to as the “privatization of community.”

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