Rosieland Roundup 180 - Will games help battle loneliness?

Rosieland Roundup 180 - Will games help battle loneliness?

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Tackling loneliness with games

I love this! And I might see how I can do this within Rosieland. ❀️

Everyone craves human connection, now more than ever. We may be alone in our minds, but there is belonging to be found in being alone together. To survive we need to find the others and become proximate with them. For that we need a common meeting ground founded in mutual good-faith.

The world of Fish Folk is being created to provide such a place. A place where we hold off on connecting with our words and just play together like the primal apes (or pre-primate fish) that we are.

Non-verbal play is an arguably safer starting point for social connection than literate conversation, at least given our current communication tools which are designed for outrage rather than understanding.

We could all learn something from the efforts of local journalism

5000 people across the US were asked what they wanted from local news:

  1. People do want more local news β€” emphasis on local.
  2. People want a shared, trusted source of facts.
  3. People want the full story of their communities to be told.
  4. People want to know about decisions before they’re made, and they want decision makers to be accountable for outcomes.
  5. People want to see themselves in the news, and in the newsroom.
  6. People want journalists to ask their questions.
  7. People want information they can act on.
  8. People want the news to meet them where they are.
  9. People want newsrooms to play a role in connecting and convening communities.

Isn't this sooo relatable to our community work?

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