Rosieland Roundup 182 - A new creative era

Rosieland Roundup 182 - A new creative era

🎙 I'm doing an AMA this week over a Quda, come and ask me (literally) anything!

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🎨 New Creative Era

This is just beautiful and it makes me want to print it out. Thanks Ben!

Here's one of my favourite bits.

🤖 Use AI to show what members have in common

A few of us have been keeping an eye on the world of community + AI. This example comes from Mighty Networks.

📝 This week in community

How Dru Riley went from software developer to Trends Pro community founder
We continue our Rosieland Community Interview series with Dru Riley, Founder of and the Trends Pro Community. Trends Pro is supporting founders to “leverage our community to build profitable businesses, sharpen our thoughts and learn together.” This interview dives into how Dru went from…
Community Design Toolkit - Collaboriamo
The Community Toolkit is a set of instruments devised to plan and accompany organizations at the inception, launch, and scale-up of their communities.
Language models as community moderators
In self-selected communities with clear norms, AI models can automate some of the work that community moderators do. This could allow us to grow moderated communities larger than we’ve been able to before.
Would you rather?
I’m a big fan of questions in community, but my dissatisfaction comes when they don’t provide real support, exploration, learning or connection opportunities.
How do we make large gatherings more relational?
Because it takes a village to conference
Akshay Kothari (COO, Notion): How Notion Builds AI Products with the Community
How to build a great product community and what the team learned building Notion AI
Digital Community Leaders Podcast
This is the Digital Community Leaders podcast. We chat with community managers, champions and founders about their experience leading and supporting digital…

🗓 Upcoming community events:

Building Thriving Marketplace Brands Through Engaged Communities | Webinar
Join us for a live Q&A with Danielle Maveal, an expert in marketplace brand communities. Learn strategies to increase engagement, foster loyalty, and build a thriving brand.
How ClickHouse uses Common Room to engage its community and drive impact for GTM teams | Common Room
Join us as we discuss and demo with Tyler Hannan, Senior Director of Developer Advocacy at ClickHouse, about how he uses Common Room to better serve his community members and business goals. This conversation + product demo will highlight topics and solutions previously covered between Tyler and C…
Softr Masterclass for Community Builders · Zoom · Luma
No code tools are a godsend for community builders. A tool like Softr frees you from any tech dependencies and enables you to create internal tools, directories, portals, lightweight CRMs,…

📰 Community news this week

Community / Social Strikes and Blackouts
I’m not seeing people sharing about the Reddit Blackouts, so thought I’d post here: There’s a blackout for Reddit coming: And a strike at Stackoverflow An in general, with Twitter…people are…
Bluesky’s growing pains strain its relationship with Black users
Bluesky is facing increased pressure to crack down on hateful and violent rhetoric, even though robust moderation conflicts with its decentralized goals.
Binder maker For Them is launching community for queer and trans folks
Meeting the needs, practical and emotional, of the queer, trans and nonbinary community is both sensitive and pressing.

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