Rosieland Roundup 188 - Scenius, or Communal Genius

Rosieland Roundup 188 - Scenius, or Communal Genius

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🧠 TIL: Scenius, or Communal Genius

A blast from the past from Kevin Kelly

Scenius is like genius, only embedded in a scene rather than in genes. Brian Eno suggested the word to convey the extreme creativity that groups, places or “scenes” can occasionally generate. His actual definition is: “Scenius stands for the intelligence and the intuition of a whole cultural scene. It is the communal form of the concept of the genius.”

⚽️ Football clubs were born to represent communities and fans, not owners

I don't think it's just football (soccer), though. It's businesses everywhere that could and should be more civic. 😢

The notion of football as a civic good lingers (see, for instance, the continuing outrage over ticket prices going up during a cost-of-living crisis, as though clubs are immune to inflation), but the idea it should not be a commercial enterprise seems quaintly laughable today.

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