Rosieland Roundup 189 โ€” The Affordance Loop

Rosieland Roundup 189 โ€” The Affordance Loop

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Be aware of groupthink

Via sketchplanations

Groupthink arises from the desire of a group to maintain harmony and consensus. Groupthink can reduce the diversity of ideas and opinions โ€” people can seek to avoid conflict, or avoid expressing unpopular views, and end up thinking down the same path. When psychological safety is low and people feel they may experience disapproval, particularly from people with higher ranking or status within the group, groupthink can get worse.

The affordance loop

By Erin Kissane

As Andrรฉ Brock notes in his book, Distributed Blackness, Black Twitter as a phenomena emerged by means of the affordances of Twitter, through how things like quote tweets, retweets and hashtags allowed Black users to engage in Black digital practices, which are the performances of Black offline culture by means of the affordances of the digital platform of Twitter. So things like call and response, playing the dozensโ€”which are culturally-mediated practices within the Black community, to engage in information sharing, in community buildingโ€”were all enabled by the features of Twitter such that Black folks could engage in digital practices that made present their identities as members of a community.

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