Rosieland Roundup 201 - Perhaps the magic of community is elevating the ordinary

Rosieland Roundup 201 - Perhaps the magic of community is elevating the ordinary

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🌈 What happened in Rosieland last week...

A restful and re-energizing Rosieland Retreat. I would do it again.

In addition to what is shared in Glitter, here's what I and we (!) shipped last week:

🏖 We hosted Rosieland Retreat, it happened and it was fab! I'm still collecting my thoughts. For now you can see some action on the Rosieland Instagram.

❤️ And from that, you know that you serve community people when they show up and the first thing they say is "What can we do to help?"

📝 Have we forgotten the humanity behind our online community actions?

My daily bite-size tips from Continuous Community:

🎶 Taylor Swift and the unstoppable movement

"Sometimes it’s not the thing itself that’s interesting (in this case her music) but the human interaction and conversations created around it.

Sometimes all you have to do is take an ordinary thing, and elevate it the heck out of it."

[Source: GapingVoid]


🤔 As community builders, should we intentionally design for less conversations?

Is capitalism and the pursuit of more at odds with us as human beings? [source: Leah Lambert]

"The ability to communicate instantly is a modern wonder that has unwittingly brought harm to our psyches and relationships through our propensity to concoct paranoid scenarios to fill a void."

🛫 Community and tourism

It is interesting to see the extractive nature of tourism and it's relation to community. This does not just apply to tourism. [source: Jen Shaw]

This is the challenge of tourism.

So often the focus of it is only on the economic benefits. The money it brings into a community and jobs it can create. But on the whole, it’s extractive.

📝 Other interesting reads this week:

Community and Tourism
Thinking about Regenerative Tourism and placemaking for visitors and residents
Shut up!
Changing who facilitates a conversation can have a huge impact on your community growth.
On being you and me
Being the person you are rather than the leader you think you’re supposed to be
Community Growth at: Atlassian
This deep dive breaks down Atlassian’s innovative business strategies and the programs that have made its community of 4.5M people and hundreds of partners a long-term differentiator.
The Art of Communication Design
In the fourth instalment in this series, Melinda Seckington shares a freamework for designing intentional communication. Whether you’re planning a large-scale event or simply crafting an important email, understanding your goals, identifying your audience, and designing a clear communication plan ar…
The forbidden topics

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