Rosieland Roundup 202 - The Love Bomb Edition 💣

Rosieland Roundup 202 - The Love Bomb Edition 💣

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🌈 What happened in Rosieland last week...

In addition to what is shared in Glitter, here's what we shipped last week:

My daily bite-size tips from Continuous Community:

❤️💣 The Love Bomb 

I've been enjoying Drew's writing on communities of practice. His latest piece was on "How to join a community".

He also shared he reached his first 100 subscribers and all I could think of was how to get him to 200. Can we share this post with likes, comments and shares to help Drew get to 200 subscribers? 😃

😍 From “Me” to “We” Designing Co-created Community Experiences 

By Jess Hobbs

"The beauty of community design lies in its interdisciplinary nature. It’s where art meets technology meets social science. The artistic dimension can bring in the aesthetics of experience, storytelling, and emotional resonance. The technological aspect can provide the platforms and tools for seamless interaction. And the social layer contributes to the understanding of group dynamics, cultural nuances, and behavioral psychology. When these three converge, we achieve a kind of alchemy that supports the transformation of disparate individuals into a thriving community."

📝 Other interesting reads this week:

AI’s Content Moderation Moment is Here
Creating transparency around how AI-generated content is moderated can defend against harmful AI content, says Maximilian Gahntz.
Maximizing User Contribution: Let Them Do The Job [CLI Fall Mag]
Community must be core to a business’s value proposition engine, not a casual feature.
The Black GPT: Introducing The AI Model Trained With Diversity And Inclusivity In Mind
Latimer, named after African-American inventor Lewis Latimer, is a new platform trying to make generative AI more inclusive.

The Community Building Garden

We research, study and share what community building means for humanity today


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