Rosieland Roundup 205 - The product approach to open-source communities

Rosieland Roundup 205 - The product approach to open-source communities

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❤️ Love vs Fame 🕺🏽

I always love a new angle of looking at depth vs reach. This is similar to the community vs audience perspective.

Love vs Fame

The product approach to open-source communities

I love seeing more people talking about treating community more like a product and this post dives into some useful questions we could be asking of our communities:

  • Value - Will customers find enough value in my solution to choose it?
  • Usable - How easy is it to use my product?
  • Viable - Can I afford to build the product?
  • Feasible - Do I possess the skills and technology to build it?

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What's the sign of a thriving industry? New blogs and newsletter popping up, it's great to see!

Here are some new ones to add to your lists:

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The agony is real

And I'm ending with swag socks, cause, why not?

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