Rosieland Roundup 207 — The 3 step plan to building a community

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The 3 step plan to building a community

Clients community builders want to walk away from are those who expect a clear 3 step plan to building a community.

(Credits: Meme by Simon Tomes, via conversations with Ece Kurtaraner and Rosie Sherry)

1. Add Community 2. ???? 3. Profit

Let's go community shopping

This is a great post from Anne Helen Peterson (who is also writing a book on the topic) about how people are adapting to how they connect and build community.

It covers:

  • Senior living
  • Mommunes
  • Friends buying houses together
  • Converting offices into shared housing

How not to address the speaker diversity problem

How do you know when you have momentum?

Recognising your own stages of community growth is a skill worth fine tuning.

This post from Becky Pierson Davidson caught my eye as a lovely reminder of how good it can feel to get those notifications that show us momentum and community flywheel building is happening.

Unmuck Yourself: 3 Super Easy Steps to Belonging

Unmuck Yourself: 3 Super Easy Steps to Belonging from Tony Bacigalupo will help you break free from the loneliness cycle—so you can foster fulfilling connections with yourself, your friends, and the world around you—without requiring you to be a social butterfly.

🕸 Community around the web...

Community is the Business
Community is at the heart of everything I do. To be community-led is to have community at the center of our decisions. We cannot be truly community-led unless our business decisions are aligned with the community. This is my thesis. And it’s easier said than done. It’s why I call
Give and Take
Exploring the value of contributors and consumers amongst your community’s membership
What makes Mongolia the world’s most ‘socially connected’ place? Maybe it’s #yurtlife
A Gallup survey ranks countries based on degree of “social connectedness” people feel with friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, even strangers. We asked Mongolians why they think they top the list.

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