Rosieland Roundup 208 β€” ROI = Ripples of Impact

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This week we cover:

  • Ripples of Impact
  • Reciprocity requires that we be surrounded by people who value both giving and receiving
  • Building Blocks of Community: An Action Plan [Event]
  • Creativity thrives in communities until...
  • The best words in the world start with "co"
  • The love and hate of communal writing
  • 3 worthy reads from across the web

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ROI = Ripples of Impact

I will never get excited when I hear the phrase 'Return on Investment'. However, flip it to being Ripples of Impact, now you've got me listening.

Jane Shore talks about Ripples of Impact in relation to education, but this could easily be applied to all business and communities.

We need to operationalize a framework for measurement that includes Ripples of Impact. Traditional ROI in education often overlooks ways school could change the world. By reimagining ROI as Ripples of Impact in schools, we embark on a transformative journey that transcends conventional measures of success.

For reciprocity to be nurtured, it requires that we be surrounded by others who also value both giving and receiving

I love the words that Li Kentgen uses to describe what reciprocity is. It's an important read, especially for businesses to recognise that part of community building is also inviting the right kind of people into the room.

A community is hard to build if people don't want to reciprocate.

For reciprocity to be nurtured, it requires that we be surrounded by others who also value both giving and receiving. If we give freely in an environment that does not practice reciprocal giving, we run the risk of unhealthy relationships that leave us depleted.

Building Blocks of Community: An Action Plan

Tomorrow we're hosting a free event with Ece Kurtaraner!

πŸ… Level: Getting started | Beginner friendly

​Get ready to dive deep into the basics of community building in this interactive workshop. 

β€‹πŸŒŸ What is even a community?

β€‹πŸ” What’s your why for building a community?

β€‹πŸ› οΈ Blueprint for Success: We'll be sharing hands-on tips and tactics to kick-start and cultivate your community with ease.

​This session is not just about gaining knowledge – it's about putting it into action. 

Creativity thrives in communities until...

At least until businesses try to ruin it. David Bollier writes about creativity with a focus on 'the commons', which at times is synonymous to community.

[History] shows that creativity naturally thrives in commons, and need not enter the marketplace to find support or fruition. Commoning is an ideal vessel for the collaborative development of new ideas. The process may involve direct cooperation or merely proximate respect and influence, but in either case, introducing property rights and profit-making can seriously mess up the collective collaborations that yields innovation.  

The best words in the world start with "co"

I was inspired by a post that dove into a few words that started with "co" and it made me think that creating a list would be helpful.

Life wouldn’t be the same without community, collaboration, connection, coliving, collaboration, the full co-created list!

The love and hate of communal writing

I love this post on communal writing from Henrik Karlsson because it recognises the pros and cons, the love and fear, of writing with communal support. It's certainly gotten me thinking about what I create.

I do believe I generally stay true to myself, but at times I hold back, or feel pressured to do something that does not feel like me.

I think of this way of writing as β€œcommunal,” and I partly view what I do on my blog in this way. Much of what I write (including this) is prompted by questions that others ask me, and the input that feeds my creative process often comes from people I’ve met through the blogβ€”book recommendations I get sent, friends I’ve made, comments, and critiques that forces me to sharpen my thinking.

But as much as I love this communal aspect of writing, it is also something that I have come to fear. Love and fear: these two feelings coexist in my heart.

πŸ•Έ Community around the web

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