Rosieland Roundup 221 — Community is Commitment

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The world has forgotten that community is commitment. What are you committed to?

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🌈 This week in Rosieland

📚 On developing the community profession
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🤗 Why startups will not “solve” loneliness

There's some interesting food for thought from Connective Tissue here.

Loneliness feels like too big a problem to solve, and yes, venture capital has mostly gotten it wrong. Yet, as much as I hate Facebook, there's a lot of positivity in it for local connection and groups. Increasingly I've noted people are on Facebook for the groups over anything else.

I remain optimistic that tech will get better to support community. It's still lacking and I do still have this constant desire and need for something better.

💥 Why Civilizations Collapse

An interesting read from Palladium where the word 'scientism' stood out for me, where the view that science and the scientific method are the best or only way to render truth about the world and reality.

Our communities suffer with scientism, people are led to believe we can apply a very specific formula and we'll magically have community. This is not how community and life actually works.

The Business Case for Communities of Practice

Struggling to communicate the value of starting a community of practice? Drew Pontikis has created a handy list to help guide you through making a business case for communities of practice.

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