Rosieland Roundup 225 — What does your "relationship portfolio" look like?

Rosieland Roundup 225 — What does your "relationship portfolio" look like?

🌤️ I was out people-ing all last week. It was worth it and I'm excited and optimistic for IRL again!

Your community is your “relationship portfolio”

Last week I attended two very different events and they both nurtured by relationship portfolio in positive ways. I came away feeling fulfilled and dare I saw a little bit more complete. The experiences and reflection feels more meaningful after reading this article from Marta Brzosko. ❤️

Shared struggles release oxytocin

One of the things I took away from this recording was that we often associate oxytocin with the experience of love and connection. However shared struggles release it too. I enjoyed watch this episode with Simon Sinek.

Two Types Of Memberships

Becky Pierson dives into two types of memberships and explains why not to mix them together.

Mastodon forms new U.S. non-profit

The Fediverse seems on the rise this year and Mastodon pushing forward with their non-profit status (they were previously registered in Germany) gives me hope for a more decentralized social web.

As part of our commitment to supporting the growth and operational capabilities of Mastodon, we have established a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity in the United States aimed at facilitating our efforts, including being able to receive tax-deductible U.S. donations and in-kind support.

On a similar wave length to non-profit-ness, it does often make me think whether more communities should be set up as non-profits.

A Community + GTM Workbook

Rebecca Marshburn shares a Community + GTM Workbook

Ten Commitments for Purposeful Community Gathering

Dr Jane R Shore gathers 10 ideas on purposeful community gathering, as always, it's a joy to visually read.

Ramen Club acquires Indie World Wide

A rosie congrats to Charlie Ward for acquiring Indie World Wide, it's so cool to see these two communities come together.


The Community Building Garden

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