Rosieland Roundup 226 — The $1.8m SEO community acquisition story

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The Spectrum of Community Reach

Last week I dove into the idea of community reach as a spectrum. I believe this can be powerful as an framework and conversational tool to help us be more 'community-led'.

Caring As A Business Strategy: A Culture of Connection

I had the pleasure of meeting Mark Masters and also speaking at his recent Creator Day conference. This post taps into part of my talk where I mentioned that care is fundamentally at the heart of communities.

Care Members > Core Members

This image is in the above article from a talk I did. We often talk about core members, but really what we need are 'care members'. Quite simply, people that care about the community they are a part of. The more people that care, and act upon that care, the stronger our community will be.

What We Can Learn from a Village Postman

We all want the vibe of the good ole local community, yet we no don't realise the effort of interdependence.

An SEO community with 750 paying members sold for $1.8 million

They Got Acquired dives into the story of Think Traffic Tank getting acquired by SEM Rush. It's worth a read as they dive into the details of the market and the deal.

Traveling neighborhoods: a different kind of group trip

An example of how we are exploring how to gather differently:

The basic idea simple: live in an interesting new place for a few days or weeks with friends in walking distance, as if we were neighbors. I pick a walkable neighborhood in a city, tell friends what dates I will be there, and then draw a circle of a 5-minute walk from my AirBNB and recommend to friends that they book within it.

The Community Building Garden

We research, study and share what community building means for humanity today


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