Rosieland Roundup 228 — Why communities fail

Rosieland Roundup 228 — Why communities fail

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Why Communities Fail

I have real hope for the next wave of community building. Whilst everything feels somewhat bleak and as the world feels like it requires a massive restructure, I have hope that without the hype and hopefully with a bit more realism we can start to create communities that truly matter.

People tend to organize at times when they need the structure and amenities of a group to achieve desires not otherwise achievable through prevailing social, economic, political, and cultural models. Community enables a more equitable distribution of resources, opportunities, and knowledge sharing. This type of open, collaborative, and curated environment facilitates needed growth and transformation, and the long-term success of the communities that are our cities, companies, and nations.

Make decisions to defuse online conflict

I recently mentioned in a talk that community building is often down to great communication. This posts explains it so much better than I did from the perspective of 'decision making'. 😅

The internet is for beef.

You don’t have to fear it. Conflict is part of human existence, and online conflict is an inevitable fact of life for teams who rely on internet communities to accomplish work.

Community Introductions with

I've been using GuestLab as a way of introducing people to the community. It's designed for podcasters, but it works equally well for communities and anyone who hosts events with speakes.

A community introduction with GuestLab

Exclusion, Inclusion, Belonging

Exclusions: you are not welcome

Inclusion: we’re invited into someone else’s thing, but it’s still their thing

Belonging: it’s our space, let’s co-create, you are not a guest

Source: Belonging without Othering

Belonging without Othering: How We Save Ourselves and the World

It's on my pile to read!

AI discord community manager

The tool in mention is Ace.

The Community Building Garden

We research, study and share what community building means for humanity today


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