Rosieland Roundup 232 — The Battle for Good and Evil

Rosieland Roundup 232 — The Battle for Good and Evil

👋 Hello and welcome to another week in Rosieland!

Participate - With Participate, you can create communities of practice, promote collaboration, boost productivity and certify achievements through digital credentials. And, we’re real people— bringing a ton of expertise and passion to our craft—and dedicated to your success.

🇬🇧 Community-Led World Conference

I'll be (speaking) at Community-Led World Conference in London next month, will I see you there?

😈 The Battle for Good and Evil - Ethics within Communities of Practice

Community ethics is a topic close to my heart, even if it causes me significant stress. 🤣

☢️ Warning: Believing The Surgeon General’s Social Media Warning May Be Hazardous To Teens’ Health

Social media is a hot topic, and it often gets slated. However, we cannot deny there are some huge positives to it. This post looks at some of the positives and how adding a warning is an over reaction.

😬 "Community" is the new "family"

The danger of "community" being perceived incorrectly is valid and real:

The community frame can work – but plenty of spaces do not really want a community – they want a(nother) space of attentive consumers.

So whenever I read something's a community, I ask myself whether it is a gathering space instead. I also started replacing the word "community" with "collective," which helps me recognize that most so-called communities do nothing to build the power of the people in them. A collective builds power, a community makes us feel part of something, and a group space is a room to gather in. Putting people in a room does not organize their power.

🌐 Wikipedia Pain

Wikipedia is a mammoth and I always appreciate opinions, thoughts and sneak peeks into how they operate. This post highlights voices who say it is flawed.

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