Rosieland Roundup 194 - The Community Tools list

Rosieland Roundup 194 - The Community Tools list

☀️ The sun is very much shining over here!

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200+ Community Tools Database

I cleaned up a community tools list that I had and found at least 10 tools that had quietly died. It certainly felt like those that died were more of a feature rather than a sustainable product.

The outcome of this is a relatively up to date list of community tools made on Notion. Feel free to grab a copy.

Signs of a cultivated community

And not just another run-of-the-mill Slack workspace.

By Kasia Triantafelo.

💙 Conversations have shifted from "What can I get?" to "How can I help?"
🤝 New members that are joining come from referrals from our existing members.
🗣 I'm no longer the conversation starter.
👋 Before I even get the chance to extend a welcome to a new member, several others have already warmly greeted them.
💡 I'm not the only one facilitating events or source of new ideas for those.

🐾 Introducing Bowie: The Ultimate Community Manager Candidate

By Ece Kurtaraner

We spent the long weekend with our friends in The Lake District. And after spending so much time with a dog, I'm thinking they'd be great community managers.

  • 🥾 Consistent Check-ins: During our hikes, Bowie costantly circled around us, made sure no one lagged behind and feels left out.
  • 🎉 Inclusive Games: It didn’t matter who you were; Bowie wanted you in the game (or throw the ball). He understands the importance of inclusivity.
  • 👃 Personal Touch: His nose bump? That’s his unique way of checking in, ensuring everyone's content. Personalized engagement is key!
  • 🌍 Exploration & Marking Territory: Every corner of Manchester was sniffed and marked, making sure he gets the vibe and everyone know he was there.
  • 🚣 Safety First: He might have cried when we were on the water, but isn’t it heartwarming to have someone who's always watching out for everyone's safety?
  • 💨 Unmistakable Presence: Let's just say, thanks to his, um, 'stinky farts', Bowie ensures everyone knows he's around. A vibrant personality that can't be ignored.

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