This week in community building — Issue 103

On how goals and expectations change along with you

By The Creative Independent

I noticed a lot of my students, they’re creating these small communities around the music they’re doing. They’re building these little musical ecosystems. The music is different, but the community-based organic growth of the sound is very cool.

The CX 006: MRR (Monthly Recurring Relationships) with Rosie Sherry

The Community Experience

Treating a community like a business, as an investment, can be uncomfortable for some folks. But at the end of the day it's an apt metaphor: ensuring the health and longevity of a community requires a serious level of care and attention. Think about it like MRR.

MRR, or “monthly recurring revenue” is a common, critical metric that businesses key into. Well, today's guest, Rosie Sherry, says that for community-builders that's better expressed as “monthly recurring relationships.” In this episode, she explains why that is and offers an array of sound advice for.

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