This week in community building β€” Issue 106

Degrowth as an aspiration

By Ana Andjelic

Community-fication. In mass production, efficiency requires short-term, impersonal interactions. I recently heard that many independent dentists are going out of business because of dental networks. Dental networks lower the cost of service by giving their customers one-stop-shop and convenience of access. Mass retailers inched independent retailers out based on the same principle. In craft production, the act of making involves an entire community of tradesmen, artisans, farmers, workers. A handcrafted object is usually the beginning of a long-term connection between people who source materials, work on objects, and sell them (some of the HermΓ¨s artisans and even corporate employees have spent their entire work life with the company). Consumers are also more willing to spend a premium on handcrafted items. This is due both to the items’ quality and to items being enriched by everyone who touched them: the community that surrounds each handcrafted item.

β€œWomen shouldn’t be expected to pay this cost just to participate.”: What we learned from our online gender-based violence consultations

Online gender-based violence and abuse threatens to hamper the web’s potential to be a platform that amplifies gender equality and spearheads positive change, and instead cause it to remain one more medium in which women, and particularly women from marginalised communities, are attacked and have their voices suppressed. In response to this urgent issue, we held a series of consultations around online gender-based violence and abuse throughout 2020 and 2021. Here’s what we learned from over 120 participants from 85 organisations and 35 countries.

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