This week in community building — Issue 112

TIL: Reality shifting: psychological features of an emergent online daydreaming culture

Reality shifting (RS) is a trendy mental activity that emerged abruptly following the flare-up of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and seems to be practiced mainly by members of the post-millennial generation. RS, described as the experience of being able to transcend one’s physical confines and visit alternate, mostly fictional, universes, is discussed by many on Internet platforms. One RS forum boasts over 40,000 members and RS clips on some social media platforms have been viewed over 1.7 billion times. The experience of shifting is reportedly facilitated by specific induction methods involving relaxation, concentration of attention, and autosuggestion

Rust Moderation Team Resigns

The entire moderation team resigns, effective immediately. This resignation is done in protest of the Core Team placing themselves unaccountable to anyone but themselves.

As a result of such structural unaccountability, we have been unable to enforce the Rust Code of Conduct to the standards the community expects of us and to the standards we hold ourselves to. To leave under these circumstances deeply pains us, and we apologize to all of those that we have let down. In recognition that we are out of options from the perspective of Rust Governance, we feel as though we have no course remaining to us but to step down and make this statement.

🌱 When “Art” Dies, the Community Will Thrive — HyperAllergic
💬 The Group Chat Could Be So Much More — Ian Vanagas
💯 A Founder’s Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Your First 1,000 Community Members — First Round
The internet needs better rules, not stricter referees — Substack
☠️ Meta CTO thinks bad metaverse moderation could pose an ‘existential threat’ — The Verge🏓 Your role in a community — Simon Tomes
📺 The ethics of community — PJ Hagerty
🍛 Community, a dish best served collaboratively — Jeremy Meiss
🗺 My community building journey — Akanksha Bhasin
🎙 Are You Gardening, or Are You Managing Waste? — Community Signal
🗞 TikTok Launches New 'CommunityTok' Promotional Push to Highlight Subculture Engagement in the App — Social Media Today
👺 'Roblox' sues long-banned user for allegedly terrorizing the platform — Engadget

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