This week in community building — Issue 115

Jan 10, 2022 2 min read
This week in community building — Issue 115

Hello and welcome to another week in Rosieland.

I'm trying hard to get back into the flow of things. And blimey. Why did I sign up to to do 100 Days of Twitter Spaces?

Here are a few recent community related ones, you should be able to listen back for the next 2-3 weeks, I think.


✍️ This week in community

🌹 ‘People doing the work have more power’: We Are Rosie founder Stephanie Olson on freelance network’s growth, war on talent — DigiDay
🙌 $12,000,000 received on behalf of open source projects in 2021 — Open Collective
2️⃣ How to Build a Meaningful (and Massive) Community, From Someone Who’s Done it Twice — Buffer
✍️ Substack Community Guidelines
💥 Building a DevRel Campaign — Ideation to Impact — Tessa Kriessel
🧱 Reflections on Building in Public with Arvid Kahl — Erin Mikail
❤️ Humanizing Your Community with Seth Godin — Masters of Community
🏦 Community Information Bankruptcy — Ian Vanagas
🌚 The Metaverse’s Dark Side: Here Come Harassment and Assaults — The New York Times

🐦 Tweets

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