This week in community building — Issue 119

This week in community building — Issue 119

⛈ Hello, today in Rosieland it is grey, windy and rainy!

I'm pulling together the Minimum Viable Community course which will launch next month.

To me, a Minimum Viable Community is the smallest action you can take to bring people together, with the view to learn and build community flywheels upon your actions.

I'd love to include real-life examples of MVCs. Do you have a MVC experiment worth sharing? Reply to this email if this is something you are able to share.
(I'll give you free access to the course if we use your example.)

🌤 Psst, come hang on our Rosieland Discord or Twitter Community  casual community chat

✍️ This week in community...

🛠 Community Tools

  • All Contributors — Recognize All Contributors. Including those that don't push code
  • TogetherNet — Consentful tech for micro-communities
  • Charla — Community Intelligence Platform ‍for Online Communities

🐦 Twitter

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