This week in community building β€” Issue 128

This week in community building β€” Issue 128

β˜€οΈ Good day everyone!

🌟 This week I published a 3000+ word guide to community flywheels which pulls together my thoughts and previous writing on the topic from the past couple of years.

πŸ“… I've been reconsidering events that I'm hosting and seeing as conversations are at the heart of community building I'm going to be hosting events in the format of 'Community Conversations' rather than presentations.

πŸ’¬ The first one up is one on Conversation Strategy, I hope you can join us! Conversations are important to me as it really helps have an excuse to connect and explore ideas. I have this burning desire to connect and explore rather than present.

🌈 Let me know if you'd like to host a Community Conversation!

☁️ One final thing for this weeks commentary. Those that know me know that I love writing, documenting and tweeting. I normally dump ideas on Twitter, but increasingly I'm going to be dumping them more on Rosieland and with a slight expansion. It's important to me that I build up a 'Rosieland brain' that becomes very searchable and useful to those around me.

I've named these 'reflections' and this is mostly for paid subscribers. I won't be emailing them out individually.

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