This week in community building - Issue 37

I stumbled across this article on small groups which has been very much aligned in my day to day actions and thinking. Though I definitely need to find some time to dig into it deeper.

There’s been a rise in private communities and online events, but these are not the same as small groups. Personally, I’m very interested in this approach and feel this is what is lacking from most online communities today.

I’m experimenting with this at Indie Hackers by creating small and themed regular online meetups of no more than 12 people in total, I think over time it could potentially develop into a specific set of people showing up consistently and developing relationships that last. The consistency and the showing up are hard enough on their own, let alone achieving them together.

Also 12 people is tiny, compared to the actual size of Indie Hackers (100k+).

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This is from Street Plant on building a community focused business. You don’t always need fancy tech to build a community.

This is a community that anyone with a Street plant skateboard can join by posting how they use their board on social media and tagging their posts with the #StreetPlantBattalion hashtag.

Keep it simples!

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