This week in community building - Issue 46

A Circle of Gifts

An oldie but a goodie. By Charles Eisensten.

Community is woven from gifts. Unlike today's market system, whose built-in scarcity compels competition in which more for me is less for you, in a gift economy the opposite holds. Because people in gift culture pass on their surplus rather than accumulating it, your good fortune is my good fortune: more for you is more for me. Wealth circulates, gravitating toward the greatest need. In a gift community, people know that their gifts will eventually come back to them, albeit often in a new form. Such a community might be called a "circle of the gift."

What’s the deal with Audience Engagement?

Erin Mikail

No one seems to really know what this means exactly, and it often just lumps into all of these things.

Issue #22: Belonging and Mutualism

From the Future of Belonging

We are all in this community, society, country, and planet together. For any one of us to be free, we needs to endeavor continuously to work for us all to be free. Our separateness is a bit of an illusion as this pandemic continues to show us how mutualism can carve a path to freedom through rather than in spite of our connectedness. Designing for belonging is a way to reinforce this connectedness and move toward resilience.

One Word Spared Norway From COVID-19 Disaster

Dugnad (pronounced doog-nahd); a Norwegian cultural tradition where community members work together towards a common goal, for the greater good for all.

Chartered Waters

From SuperFeed

We stress, these are assumptions based on personal observation and experience.

Why do you think this community has died?

From Designer News.

Always interesting to see people discuss why a community has died within said community. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

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