This week in community building - Issue 48

Changing World, Changing Mozilla

New focus on community. Mozilla must continue to be part of something larger than ourselves, part of the group of people looking for a better internet. Our open source volunteers today — as well as the hundreds of thousands of people who donate to and participate in Mozilla Foundation’s advocacy work — are a precious and critical part of this. But we also need to go further and think about community in new ways. We must be increasingly open to joining others on their missions, to contribute to the better internet they’re building.

Get Real: Creating Safe Spaces for Tough Conversations

Help your community navigate through tough conversations and promote education through participation.

Human Systems

I think I need to book a few weeks holiday just to go through the things in here. Check out the link to the Notion resource they have. 🤔

Human Systems is a research network and training program, organized around one global challenge: redesigning social systems so as to better support meaningful lives and human values.

Landmarks of the Social Age #3 – Community

From Julian Stodd

Simple connectivity is not enough: we can be connected and yet still socially dysfunctional. We can be connected and yet isolated or blind to new truths.

But, if we learn the skills and behaviours of these new spaces, if we are authentic in our actions, if we earn our Social Authority and reputation based power, we can become both connected and effective. Existing as part of a multitude of high functioning social Communities, and hence transformed.

And more community goodness…

🐦 Twitter

How can we build better communities?

We are on a quest to learn and explore what makes great communities.


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