This week in community building — Issue 54

Hey everyone.

☁️ Lots of interesting things this week! ☁️

PG and Jessica

By Sam Altman

What did they do? They took bets on unknown people and believed in them more than anyone had before. They set strong norms and fought back hard against bad behavior towards YC founders. They trusted their own convictions, were willing to do things their way, and were willing to be disliked by the existing power structures. They focused on the most important things, they worked hard, and they spent a huge amount of time 1:1 with people. They understood the value of community and long-term orientation. When YC was very small, it felt like a family.

The future of online communities

By Jason Calacanis

Innovating with Personal Knowledge Mastery

By Harolde Jarch

The practice of personal knowledge mastery is that we should continuously seek new ideas from our professional social networks and then filter them through more focused conversations with our communities of practice where we have established trusted relationships. You know you are in a community of practice when it changes your practice.

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How can we build better communities?

We are on a quest to learn and explore what makes great communities.


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