This week in community building — Issue 55

☁️ Hey everyone! ☁️

Here’s some Rosieland updates of interest:

  • Meetups are every Tuesday at 8pm and Wednesday 10am London time. They are small and not recorded. Sometimes it’s just one on one, and that’s cool too.
  • Every week I keep adding more and more to the Notion knowledgebase, especially the articles section. I have so much to add and plan to go back through most of my weekly newsletters to add in all the relevant articles I’ve found.
  • I’ve added in all my previous Rosieland articles too.
  • Maybe I’m being crazy, but I have a plan in mind. In time, it will be become a super powerful searchable source of all things community. 🤯

For example, here’s an article search result on ‘coronavirus’.

I’m actually working towards a custom community forum and moving away from Substack, it will happen soon(ish).

Here’s a little sneak peak.

Onwards to this weeks curated articles. ❤️

Close to Home: How the Power of Facebook and Google Affects Local Communities

“90 percent of our advertising, most of that for years was the Yellow Pages,” Martorell said. “Then suddenly Google came, without us noticing. And then we figured it out, we knew we had to go to Google and that is when the issues began. Because the local listings, most of them are fraudulent. Completely phony, fraudulent.” The Wall Street Journal noted several other sectors in which similar scams have occurred

I Had My First Kiss in GemStone III

By Elizabeth Landau

With GemStone III, suddenly I could “hang out.” I didn’t have to speak; I could type. In this virtual setting I could get to know my classmates better, but also meet total strangers from elsewhere. I learned to recognize the precise static and beeping sounds from the dial-up modem and AOL’s “You’ve got mail!” greeting that signaled I was in—it was auditory ecstasy. In those days my family had a single phone line, though, so if my character Lilybet and her hunting companions were attacking rats in the catacombs, a call from my grandmother could interrupt the excitement.

Creating Successful Indie Games With an Art Background

By Kara Stone

So it wasn't until I was in my master's degree that I came across a community that was making independent games and art games. I'd been playing games my whole life, but only Triple-A, very mainstream games. And I didn't know that you could make a video game on your own, or that there were independent artists and makers doing that, until I came across a group doing it. And I was like, oh my gosh, I want to do it too! Let's get me in!

Revisiting cooperation

By Harold Jarche

“collaboration means ‘working together’. That’s why you see it in market economies. markets are based on quantity and mass.

cooperation means ‘sharing’. That’s why you see it in networks. In networks, the nature of the connection is important; it is not simply about quantity and mass …

You and I are in a network – but we do not collaborate (we do not align ourselves to the same goal, subscribe to the same vision statement, etc), we *cooperate*” —Stephen Downes

And more in community this week...


How can we build better communities?

We are on a quest to learn and explore what makes great communities.


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