This week in community building — Issue 56

☁️ Hey everyone! ☁️

It’s another busy in the community world.

Black LinkedIn Is Thriving. Does LinkedIn Have a Problem With That?

From the NY Times

The social network’s tone has long reflected corporate America: staid, monolithic, white. Now Black users are speaking up — and saying the site is limiting their voice.

The Joke's On Us

From The Atlantic

Watching the Meme Factory video again a decade later, what once seemed like consequence-free, playful transgression now looked toxic. The shout of “Kill her!,” which anticipated the sexism of Gamergate, was particularly haunting. “Too many of us just didn’t see it, or if we did, we just didn’t think it was real misogyny,” Phillips said. “The mystique of lulz, the fun of lulz, was too ethically paralyzing.”

Facts don't change our minds. Friendship does.

By James Clear

Convincing someone to change their mind is really the process of convincing them to change their tribe. If they abandon their beliefs, they run the risk of losing social ties. You can’t expect someone to change their mind if you take away their community too. You have to give them somewhere to go. Nobody wants their worldview torn apart if loneliness is the outcome.

Am I the Asshole?

A reddit to submit your rough community stories to. 😬

A catharsis for the frustrated moral philosopher in all of us, and a place to finally find out if you were wrong in an argument that's been bothering you. Tell us about any non-violent conflict you have experienced; give us both sides of the story, and find out if you're right, or you're the asshole.

And more this week...

❤️ What made me smile

Snail Mail Club — Snail Mail Social Club is a pop-up gathering for folks who want to send good mail. Everyone is welcome. Supplies, inspiration, postage, and camaraderie are all provided, and a fun time can be expected!

🐦 From Twitter

How can we build better communities?

We are on a quest to learn and explore what makes great communities.


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