This week in community building β€” Issue 61

So you've made a mistake and it's public...


The following is a bit of advice on how to handle having made a mistake with public consequences. It is based on considerable experience making and observing mistakes in the Wikimedia movement.

Strava raises $110 million, touts growth rate of 2 million new users per month in 2020

From Techcrunch

Already in 2020, Strava has seen significant growth. The company claims that it has added over 2 million new β€œathletes” (how Strava refers to its users) per month in 2020. The company positions its activity tracking as focused on the community and networking aspects of the app and service, with features like virtual competitions and community goal-setting as representative of that approach.

[Inside the Business] with Lindsay Gabbard and Alessandro Pepe

Run With It Podcast

Restaurants have been hit hard during COVID-19. Listen to us brainstorm ways Lindsay and Alessandro can leverage their wine club and community to support their workforce and recover lost income.

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  • Comet β€” The ideal toolbox for Slack and Discord community admins. Supercharge your community.
  • MeetButter β€” an all-in-one platform built with all the tools you need to host interactive workshops, training sessions and live courses.

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