February 16, 2021

This week in community building โ€” Issue 68

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Rosie Sherry
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Fractal communities vs the magical bullhorn

By Ben Werd

A broadcast model creates a direct line from anyone with power to everyone. Theoretically, that's a beautiful, democratizing thing; in practice, it turns the protocols and assumptions underlying the broadcast medium itself into the ultimate influencer. Everyone who is trying to reach an audience falls into patterns that they know will improve their reach; they game the algorithms, which are really reflections of the values and ideas of the teams which created them. Influencers like Donald Trump game the minds of engineers and product managers in San Francisco in order to game the world.

College Campuses Are Designed at Human-Scale. Our Cities Can Be Too.

From Strong Towns

There are many reasons why the college environment facilitates relationships and personal connections. Everyone there is at a similar age and stage in life. Classes and majors tend to group students by interests and personality traits. There is also a relative freedom from responsibility. One factor often overlooked, though, is the structure of colleges themselves. Because of their scale and walkability, college campuses meet human social needs in a way that is impossible for many of our nationโ€™s towns and cities.

Tip of the week

Diversify your income. Just because you run a community, it doesnโ€™t mean all money has to come from community specific activities.

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