This week in community building โ€” Issue 71

The Buy Nothing Project Is Building A Custom Sharing App

๐Ÿคž Is there a trend towards custom building and moving away from Facebook?

Weโ€™re excited to share some big news with the world. Weโ€™re finally actively building a custom platform for Buy Nothing sharing: ShareThing, Weโ€™re just in the beginning stages of development, but our plan is for it to be a free experience for everyone to Give, Ask, and share their Gratitude on any device. Weโ€™ll be able to add features that will address the pain points we experience with the Facebook Groups architecture as well as add some new features we think people will really love. ShareThing will not replace the Buy Nothing Project, it will be a platform built from scratch to host the Buy Nothing movement as it continues to grow.

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