This week in community building β€” Issue 74

𐃏 Introducing the Roam Summit

The Roam Summit is a new collaboration aimed at bringing the brightest minds in the Roam community together to share, discuss, and debate best practices and methodologies.

Through live-streaming panels, interviews, and small group sessions, the Roam Summit will highlight the tools, thought processes, strategies, and tactics that lead to success with this powerful tool for thought.

More community reading:

🎧 Podcasts

πŸ›  Tools & Resources

  • Jam β€” an open source audio space for chatting, brainstorming, debating, jamming, micro-conferences and more.
  • Skittish, a playful virtual space for online events.
  • Self-Organising System β€” Extinction Rebellion

🐦 Twitter

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