This week in community building β€” Issue 76

Technical Community Builder is the Hottest New Job in Tech

By swyx

There's a big shift going on in how developer tools companies approach their userbase. In the past week alone, I've had 3 chats with startups that all concluded with some version of:

"By the way, we're really looking to ramp up our community effort right now. If you can think of anyone who can help us build a developer community, can you send them my way?"

One week, three pings. If this isn't a big trend already, it's at least worth writing about (per my Three Strikes rule). Who builds developer communities, why are companies investing in them, and why now?

How to Build a Community: Starting with "why?"

By Claire Carroll

Often folks end up in my inbox because their CEO has heard that community building is the latest hotness, and they’re scrambling to figure out what that means, and how they should do this.
My first question is always β€œwhy do you want to build a community?”.

Why Executives Should Care About Internet Communities

By Ian Vanagas

Communities are opportunities for executives to better understand their people and industry, as well as to educate and share messages. Key people pay attention to and are influenced by them. Executives who do the same create a better knowledge of what their employees, customers, and other stakeholders actually care about. In the long run, it helps protect their company’s reputation and build better offerings.

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