This week in community building — Issue 77

Shared (un)Realities

By Om Malik

“Our shared realities become the world we live in and know: Sharing is believing. And with tight networks of people talking just to each other, these shared realities are the DNA of our social bubbles … With no shared reality being created, the interaction is treated as meaningless. It is as if the other person doesn’t matter or doesn’t really exist. Given our strong, natural motivation to create shared reality with other humans, not doing so when interacting with members of an out-group is like treating them as being non human. We want to create a shared reality with members of our in-group but not with members of out-groups.

A tactical guide to kickstarting your community

By Patrick Woods

Theory is great, and I love a good community framework, but sometimes you just want to hear the specifics of what people did. The nuts and bolts, the nitty-gritty details.So in the spirit of learning in public, here's how we bootstrapped our initial community.It ain’t perfect, but it’s something, and I hope the specific tactics and details will help others get their community flywheel spinning

Your Voice Is My Favorite Sound

By Tim Leberecht

“From phone calls to messaging and back to audio — the way we use our phones may be coming full circle,” Tanya Basu writes in the MIT Technology Review. And tech analyst Jeremiah Owyang considers social audio the “Goldilocks Medium”: “Text social networks are not enough, video conferencing is too much, social audio is just right.” (Check his list of “20 ways businesses will engage social audio”).

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