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On social support networks

By Katerina Bohle Carbonell

Three studies on features of social support, and their link to wellbeing and turnover

Key points

  • When we lack resources to cope with situations, we reach out to our social support network.
  • If people in our social support network do not have the means to help us (time, money, energy, information), we feel helpless, Our mental health deteriorates.
  • Thinking about how people in our social support network are related to each other helps create a solid and cohesive social support network.
  • Companies should recognize and reward the voluntary support employees provide to each other to reduce turnover intention.

β™€οΈŽ What Does it Mean to Be a Woman Online?

New_Public by Civic Signals

πŸ™Œ A great round up of projects focused on rewriting history, reconsidering technological advancements, and reimagining a word without gender bias. Educate yourselves and make your online communities and spaces more women friendly.

Below is a sampling of projects that excavate what it means to be a woman online, exploring the nuances between cyberfeminism and transfeminist values, and writing from a more intersectional place.

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