April 13, 2021

This week in community building — Issue 79

topics: curation
Rosie Sherry

Building Cohort Course Communities

By Rosieland Radio 😇

We hosted our first 'Rosieland Radio' as part of our Rosieland Adventure community building course cohort.

Equitable community software

By Ben Werdmüller

We need to move from a source-code-centric model for free software, to a community-centric model that shares ownership of both the software and the process used to build the software with everyone involved, from (yes) the coders and designers, to the people the software is being built for, to research subjects and the communities touched by it.

On Being Known

By Ava

Of course, even if you don’t want to be online at all—even if you want to share as little of yourself as possible—you can’t escape the mortification of being known. It’s only by risking something important that we can produce good work and form meaningful relationships. The possibility of judgment is the price we pay for real love.

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—Rosie Sherry