This week in community building — Issue 83

Tools for Community Building in Virtual First

Alice Katter | Drop Design

Fostering belonging in a virtual first working world: empowering teams to self-organized human connection.

Subscriptions Are Perfectly Fine; But Community Can Give You More

A Media Operator

Subscriptions or memberships. What should you be building?

You’d think as media professionals, we’d be happy just knowing that there are companies out there generating direct revenue from readers. But I’ve noticed this narrative that we need to think about more than just the subscription. We need to think about memberships.

Giving is the 💜 of community building: here's how to use boundaries to do it well

Rosie Sherry / Orbit

At the heart of community building we need to have the freedom and power to give.

Creators & Fandoms Meets Community

🐰 Erin went down a creator x fandom x community rabbit hole…

🗞 News

🎧 Podcasts

🛠 Tools:

  • Hive — Run masterminds on autopilot at scale
  • Community Copilot — Build a Slack or Circle community where every member feels valued.

🤝 Community of the Week:

Helping Creatives - Helping Creatives follow their story, not a career path.

🐦 Tweets

How can we build better communities?

We are on a quest to learn and explore what makes great communities.


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