This week in community building β€” Issue 85

Imitation as Taste

Ana Andjelic

In addition to being a great mechanism in learning how to orient, belong, and present oneself in the world, imitation is responsible for social cohesion. Social media platform TikTok is both a great metaphor and an actual example of this: its Challenges establish a sense of community, in the same way that streaming of the same music or entertainment creates a temporary bond among strangers.

#110 Jim Collins: Relationships vs. Transactions

Farnam St

"Bill believed that people break into two buckets. There are those that come at life with a series of transactions. And there are people come at life with building relationships. Bill believed the only way to have a really great life, you can have a successful life doing transactions, but the only way to have a really great life is on the relationship side."

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