June 06, 2021

This week in community building β€” Issue 89

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Rosie Sherry

πŸŽ™ What makes a good community experience?

I've been having lots of fun with Racket, a short audio form platform, and they launched a new thing where you can ask questions and people get to respond, all in audio of course.

So, here's a chance to get involved, I posed a question: What makes a good community experience?

Come and share! (I have a few Racket invites going too)

On knowing when to slow downΒ 

Zenat Begum, The Creative Independent

Playground Coffee Shop owner and community organizer Zenat Begum discusses what she learned from her parents and applied to her business, prioritizing downtime, the value of service work, and including your community in what you do.

We Went From Tribal to Individual. Something Else Must Come Next.

Douglas Rushkoff, Team Human

We’re moving from one understanding of our place in things to another. The Renaissance may have brought us from the tribal to the individual, but our current renaissance is bringing us from individualism to something else. We’re discovering a collective sensibility that’s more dimensional and participatory than the unconsciously formed communities of the past. We had to pass through this stage of individualism in order to get there.

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—Rosie Sherry