This week in community building — Issue 91

Dreams of discord

Beyond that, I don’t know. Is a chat room, even a very good one, just another trickle of mild dopamine hits, another social slot machine lined up beside the rest? Or is it an opportunity to make deeper connections, the kind that might be truly generative? (You start chatting with an interesting person on the Dagger Discord, and six months later, you’re building a website together!)

Is it just… a hangout? Nothing more, nothing less?

Community ≠ Marketing: Why We Need Go-to-Community, Not Just Go-to-Market

By Patrick Woods

The upside of community extends beyond just defending one’s position and territory, though. In a world where software is no longer sold, but rather adopted, more companies than ever before are embracing the customers, contributors, and fans they had previously overlooked. But while some of them do recognize the importance of community in their go-to-market (GTM), I’ll go much further here and argue they need a related but distinct competency: go-to-community (GTC).

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