This week in community building β€” Issue πŸ’―

Whoop! I survived and made it to Issue πŸ’―

This equates to pretty much two years of sending out a weekly curated newsletter. My life has changed so much in those two years!

Since starting this newsletter I've gone on to:

  • writing of community articles, practically every week!
  • creating a curated Community Builiding Notion database that I'm very proud of
  • I've done a bunch of talks and spoke on many podcasts
  • run a community building cohort
  • ran our first recorded Rosieland community event (last week)
  • made some money along the way
  • built up a good email list and lots of Twitter followers!

All whilst holding down a job (and then a new job) and throughout this horrendous pandemic.

Most people don't realise that I refused pretty much all public speaking requests until about 2 years ago, so I'm pretty pleased about diving in 'good and proper'! 🀣

Whilst it's easy to paint a pretty picture, there have been struggles behind all of this. I'll be mixing things up a bit with Rosieland over the coming months, mostly to keep me less stressed and sane.

More of that is to come soon.

πŸ™πŸ½ For now I just want to say thank you for subscribing and following along. πŸ™πŸ½

Tightening your community instead of making it bigger

By Phil Santos

I recently came across a brilliant idea from a Miami-based conscious dance community called Solar Sunday. They’re preparing to launch a new project, so instead of blasting the news across social, they decided to strengthen their innermost community by creating an event that’s only for past attendees.

Social learning powers distributed work

By Harold Jarche

Those of us who have been blogging over the past two decades understand that deep professional relationships can be developed without ever meeting someone. How did we do it? We shared our knowledge, insights, concerns, and perspectives freely. Over time, people in this emerging online global network saw value in our work and gave back. In this network, communities developed. We learned from each and continue to do so. But if you do not give, you will not get anything back. To give freely is a leap of faith β€” faith in humanity. Of course we also learned that some people will take advantage of this. But we also share that information.

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